Candle Shipping Times:
Everyday Candles - within 5 business days
Wedding Centerpiece Candles - within 3 weeks
Anniversary & Birthday Candles - within 3 weeks

Candles for Sale

Bringing the smile to the face of our beloved or loved ones is overwhelming, and for this, we can do anything. To make our special movement memorable, Notre gifts have brought admirable Candles for Sale in his sack. These exclusively designed candles are prepared using the finest quality wax. These candles spread mild aroma when ignited and change its color from red to green to blue making it look impressive. The superior design, colors and tempting aroma makes it wonderful. Our expert artisans are deft in stained glass art and can inscribe the given names with great diligence. We offer customized services to all our customers.

These finely crafted candles with color changing attribute are amazing decorative and gifting option. Be it any occasion, Diwali, Christmas, or Easter, birthday, anniversary, party, valentines, wedding, celebration, home decoration, candlelight dinner, nothing can be as beautiful as illuminating the candles. We offer special packaging of these candles for gifting purpose; bulk order will be treated well. These Candles are available online for sale and that too at a reasonable price.

Brings these decorative candles to your home and enjoy the refreshing and romantic aura surrounding yours. Place your order now. The handmade candles for sale are available in various pattern.